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There was nothing quite as comforting as the smell of the forest…the warmth of the dappled sunlight scattered through the treetops to create patterns of gold across the earthen floor.

Livia smiled, glancing back to the abandoned path…before continuing on her way. She had a path of her own now…the trail faintly worn into the ground by now with how many times she’d taken it. She knew it by heart now…and yet it never got old.

The forest had once been a place of fear….a realm of the unknown and dangerous. But, while it was still a place to be revered and feared…she’d learned most of its ways….she had friends here…and the forest understood that she was a guest now. Not an intruder.

Whistling softly, she tucked the small plastic container under an arm as she hopped across a narrow stream, the water babbling along with her melody as she passed…

She was here to visit…

Brown eyes wide, she looked around at the towering trees…a never aging wonder still filling their amber depths as she searched the treetops; seeking something specific. Or rather…someone…

Her lips curled at the corners in a smile, even as they pursed while she continued to whistle a light melody…
Something soft, yet loud enough to carry and echo off the trees around her.
It was a call…

But much to her growing concern… it went unanswered.

Aside from the birdsong around her, the forest was quiet…only the rustling of the trees calling back to her whistles…

She continued to watch the trees, sneakers crunching the leaves that littered the ground as she switched her whistling to singing instead…her voice carrying further.

And this brought what she was wanting…

<I thought I heard you~…>

The voice spoke up…sounding as if it’d come from every direction at once, but truthfully it was speaking directly into her thoughts.

Livia jumped a moment, startled, before she laughed and looked around at the forest…searching the trees.
“’Bout time…I was wondering if you were around…” She continued to search, but frowned when she could not spy the familiar form she was seeking. “Where are you?”


The voice purred into her thoughts again…feminine and rather soft….

“Somewhere? Oh c’mon…..” The human huffed, turning in a circle, looking into the shadows as she frowned playfully… “Just come out already.”

<What’s the matter?...Don’t think you can come find me?>

Livia groaned and pushed her hair back from her eyes, brown eyes squinting as she tried to seek out even the faintest gleam in the darkness…

<I’m….right behind you~>

The voice laughed and the young woman only had a single second to register the words and dive to the side before a large form thumped down in a pounce in the place she’d been only a moment before.

<Damn…I missed…>

“GWAH!” A squeak of a yelp escaped the human as she rolled across the forest floor, curling herself around the container to try and protect it. “H-hey!...W-watch it!” She laughed though despite her frown, pushing herself to sit up, sputtering and pulling leaves from her hair…only to yelp again as she found herself tackled and pushed to the ground once more by a large furry form. The heavy weight settling itself on top of her...not crushing her…but firmly pinning her.

<THERE~ Now I gotcha…> The voice crooned triumphantly into her mind…wicked chuckles following. <Mine~>

“Doof! H-heeeeeeeeeey….e-easy!” Livia wriggled weakly, trying to free herself with no success. But her protests only turned to yet another squeak when she received a face full of fur and feathers…a trilling purr rumbling against her as the huge monster nuzzled and cuddled her like some massive cat. “Gak! S-Samira! You’re gonna squash the cupcakes!”

The nuzzles turned to slimy licks…a long slippery tongue slipping free of the powerful jaws in front of her face to lap at her cheek, slathering her in sticky drool as the creature gave a happy hum. But all the nuzzles and licks halted at the mention of cupcakes….and the beast sat up some, pulling its face back to peer down at the human….large luminous eyes smiling as much as the broad mouth as the feathered ears fanned out. She was a chimaera sphinx…a rare…but very unique and special sort of creature that made her home here in the forest.

“Cupcakes?~” This time the creature spoke aloud ……which was rare.

Livia laughed weakly, nodding. “YES. Cupcakes. But you’re sitting on them!” She grunted. “And me!”

“Oops…” Samira rumbled and quickly skittered backwards…freeing the human…and the cupcakes as she sat back on her haunches. <Sowwy~> She apologized telepathically, leaning down to nuzzle the young woman in apology…licking a leaf from her hair to spit it aside.

“Haha~ it’s fine, Sammy..” Livia grinned, sitting up now that she was free and brushing herself off, before she held the box up. “Yes…I did bring cupcakes though…”
She knew the chimaera liked them a lot…every time she brought a lunch with her out here, the monster managed to nab her dessert before she could even try to save it.
So…this time she brought only dessert…that way they could share~

<Cupcakes?> Samira prodded again…smiling wider, eyes glowing a bit brighter with eagerness as she looked between Livia and the box the human held. She flicked her tail..a low crooning and clicking sound coming from her long throat as she leaned down to sniff at the box…<Can we have them now??>

“Of course~”  The human smiled, speaking to the monster aloud…to anyone who observed them, she’d probably look a bit crazy…speaking to the huge creature with a seemingly one-sided conversation. Even though they often had very full and in depth discussions…Samira just wasn’t one for speaking words aloud much…she much preferred to use her telepathy.

Scrambling to her feet and brushing dirt and leaves from her jeans, Livia motioned for Samira to follow…

The chimaera happily did so….loping along behind the small human, her large form still oddly silent even as she tread across twigs and the crisp autumn leaves….

They settled within the roots of a mighty oak, Samira slithering ahead to curl herself up in one of the large hollows that had naturally formed in the ground…one of the tree’s huge roots cresting the edge in a natural backrest, cupping around the chimaera as if it’d been made for her.

“Oi~ looks comfy…” Livia grinned as she watched the large furry monster make herself cozy in her makeshift seat…another thrumming purr escaping Samira as she looked up to the human again…expecting her to join in.  

Taking it as more than an invitation, Livia grinned….and jumped, flopping down atop the soft, furry landing of Samira’s middle….earning a teasing “oof!” and a laugh from the chimaera as she did so.

“Oh c’mon…you act as if I’m so heavy…” Livia pouted teasingly, sitting up atop Samira’s middle…looking up at the monster….
Samira was plenty big….huge…really. More than big enough to swallow a grown man whole with a stretch of her jaws…so Livia’s petite 4’9’’ frame really did look quite small in comparison. Hardly enough to knock the air from a strong and mighty chimaera.

<Oh I’m only teasing and you know it!~> The chimaera huffed, playfully nudging the woman with a gentle claw…nearly knocking her over…

Livia laughed and rolled her eyes.. .smiling warmly as she settled a bit more comfortably. “I know, I know…” She ran a hand over the silky fur that covered Samira’s middle…before she settled the small box on her lap and popped the top open. The cupcakes were a little mangled from being jostled, but were still more than edible…
“Open wide~” She selected one of the less garbled desserts and tossed it up towards Samira’s face, giggling softly when the long, purple striped tongue darted out to snatch the cupcake midair and drag it back into her maw as she purred and cooed in happiness.

Chimaera sphinxes were not like most creatures…normally they fed of emotion rather than physical food…but, it seemed that cupcakes and most sweets were an exception to that rule…

Munching on a sweet of her own, Livia grinned, tossing up another cake for Samira, not even bothering to remove the paper wrapping…Samira took them just like that.

“So….like em? I tried a new recipe this time…” The human popped the last bite of hers into her mouth, tossing yet another up and watching with amusement as it was coiled up in her tongue and vanished into the darkness of her gullet.

<Oh yeah! These are delicious, Livvy…….so moist and sweet~> She purred happily, too busy swallowing to bother with speaking aloud….<I love the frosting!>

“Ah yeah…I thought you might.” She licked a bit of the gooey cream cheese frosting from her thumb. “Nothing goes better with red velvet than cream cheese frosting~”  

<Amen to that~> The chimaera agreed heartily, snatching the last cupcake from the air when the human tossed it up. <Very very good~ Thanks for bringing goodies~>

The young woman nodded… “My pleasure, Sammy…I know you love em~ Lick the box?” She held up the frosting coated box up…in all the tumbling much of the gooey topping had been smeared across the walls.

Samira was all too happy to oblige…trilling cheerfully as she leaned  down to lap up the frosting, long tongue making quick work of cleaning up the small container before pulling her face back with a pleased purr, feathered ears fluffing in a relaxed manner.

For being such a fierce and proud creature, deadly and due plenty of respect…Samira really could be quite adorable when she was happy.

Livia laughed, carefully leaning over her side to toss the box to the ground, safely out of the way, before she flopped over onto the bed of fur, feeling it rise…..then quickly fall as the large monster heaved a sigh of satisfaction.

“Happy?~” The woman smiled, gently scritching at Samira’s belly ….drawing an even deeper purr from her.

As Samira normally fed upon negative emotions, she tended to take on those feelings most of the time…normally she was a rather lonely creature…suffering from angry or depression. She brought others joy by shouldering their gloom as her meal…but in turn it often left her feeling down and miserable in return.

After their meeting, Livia had made it her goal to try and chase that misery away for Samira….after all, she helped her so much with taking away her own sadness…
Samira had helped to heal her of a broken heart and a hopeless state…
The least she could do was try and bring Samira some relief from her every day misery.

<Very~> Was Samira’s simple…but genuine reply.

And it brought Livia a smile. It meant everything to her to see the huge chimaera happy….
Seeing her in her normal state of depression was rather heartbreaking actually. Especially after seeing the difference of her happiness.

Her smile only widened when she felt the strong, but ever so gentle grasp of the monster’s claws wrap around her, pulling her a bit higher to the fluffier fur of her chest, holding her close in the equivalent of a hug.

“Awwww~ Thanks Sammy…” The human smiled and cuddled against the warmth, trying her very best to huge the chimaera back…even though her arms could barely even stretch the width of her chest.

“Song?~” The monster’s voice caught Livia a bit off surprise to hear it outside of her thoughts and she felt Samira nudge at her with her face, nuzzling and nosing the top of her head gently. She knew Samira had a fondness for music…and art…

“Song? want me to sing?” The human woman laughed….

“Please?~” Samira nudged her again, giving a happy, clicking purr.

It wasn’t hard to convince the woman…she loved to sing… especially for a friend. If it brought them cheer or comfort…she would sing her heart out until her voice was so worn she could no longer speak…

“Of course I will…I’ll sing for you~”  Livia smiled warmly…cuddling close to the Chimaera while she thought of a song to sing…laughing softly as one came to her…
but she drew a breath and began to sing anyway…

“If I had words to make a day for you, I sing you a morning golden and new~
I would make this day last for all time…
And give you a night deep in moonshine~”

It was short…but she sang it over a few times, pouring her true heart into it….meaning the words…she would do anything to help her dear friend. They were different…very different…and yet so similar in their feelings. She wanted to help bring Samira joy…the same way she knew the chimaera desired to help her….

Their friendship was strange and while they’d only known each other a short time in the span of their lives…they’d quickly grown close, bonding together as the closest of friends. Livia found herself getting immensely lonely if work or school kept he away from the forest too long…and often when she finally gained a chance to visit she would find the chimaera in a similar state…depressed…and lonely.

But a quick snack together and a bit of talk time usually cleared those blues away in a matter of a few minutes.

After a while, her singing turned to humming…the melody soft and soothing. And by the time she finished, the chimaera was fast asleep….her purring snores helping to comfort the human in the same manner her singing had seemed to help soothe the monster.

“Silly chimaera~” Livia laughed and gently rubbed the fur beside her...before cuddling up, still gently cradled in Samira’s claws. She didn’t wish to risk waking her…so she simply curled up with a small yawn, nuzzling against the silky fur and the warmth of Samira’s body. A nap sounded perfect about now….and she had no fear of the forest…

She had her big bad monster here to keep her safe~
100 Themes Challenge -
Challenge # 85- Song
Characters: Monster!Samira, Livia

Just a big of sister/friend fluff that I started the other day and finished up yesterday afternoon ;w;
A little piece for my dear sis :iconmythrilmog: She was feelin a little blue and in need of something fluffy and sweet...
and I'm quite addicted to playing around with Samira's monster form...I just love it so much and totally love her species of Chimaera Sphinx...though I took a few liberties with random little derps and details in this drabble, so my apologies if any of it is incorrect, sis ;w;'

Livia is a human for this setting..and probably a few years younger than normal...

just a very simple little story, I might play around with the verse some down the line or write out their meeting. ^^ We'll see...
I have some doodles of em I need to upload too...


Samira, Chimaera Sphinx species (c) :iconmythrilmog:
Livia, story (c) me~
"If I had words" (c) whoever wrote it...
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